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Our team

Good and reliable team is a key to any business success. Experienced and motivated people in the right places guarantee success in any business. 


Esenca was born in summer of 2001. Esenca’s employees have over 21 years of experience in design, development and deployment of complex IT systems and applications.

Esenca covers vast majority of all modern technologies and always stays up to date with new and upcoming trends. We help you in your decision making process with picking a right technology and right approach.


Call us and let’s talk! 


Call us and schedule a free informative conversation, we will offer you complete consulting, development and support for our programming services 

Web Development

If you need a specific

web (Internet) application

for business, our team...


Selling products and services on

the Internet requires a good

designed, functional...

Software development

If you need special software or

computer program within

your company for business...


The recognizability of your products

and services on the Internet is

reflected in the good design...


Company presentation, sales

of services and products, specific

calculators and programs on...


To ensure that the promotion of your

website is not just a cost,

we offer...

skype 1 on 1 courses

Individual courses are adapted to the terms of the participants, and the program is adapted to the current knowledge of the participants, with a focus on practical learning and direct work on real projects. 


We offer complete integration, development, redesign and maintenance of our ready-made solutions in your existing business environment 


Esenca SHOP

Digital platform for e-commerce

transactions, SEO marketing search,

easy CMS administration... 


esenca app

Ready-made solution for mobile

applications, customer presentations,

easy content entry...



E-commerce platform for mobile

and smart phones. Some of the features

include Online Mobile Shop...


Esenca search

Ready-made solution for mobile

application, which is used for searching

products, services, content...


Esenca CHAT

Complete solution for communication

between users, administrators and

users, groups of user...


esenca location

Ready-made solution for mobile

application, which is used to enter products

and services, content in a given location...


Drupal, React Native, Magento, Laravel, Vue.js, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript, FacebookAPP, Api, XML, HTML, CSS, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify


Websites, web portals, Internet stores, web applications, mobile applications, IT outsourcing, digital marketing, SEO 

Microsoft, Serbia • Universita eCampus, Italy • Accademia del lusso, Italy • Travel sim, Serbia • TDS Limited, Serbia • Artrake, Serbia • Printex, Bosnia and Herzegovina • Stanga, Bulgaria • Shop, Canada • KW 4 Rent, Canada • Big Auto, Serbia • Giving Balkans, Serbia • Lacerta Business, Canada • Cepu Holding, Italy • Moja Radnja, Bosnia and Herzegovina • Istituti Callegari, Italy • Nation Talk, Canada • Grandi Scoule, Italy • GLW, Kanada • Agrosava, Serbia • Track pilot, Germany • Beauty Academia, Italy • RonWhite, Canada • Scuola Radio Elettra, Italy • PricaGroup, Canada • Agro IT klaster, Serbia • PricaGlobal, Canada • Cekos IN, Serbia • Elev8Condos, Canada • Wellness Vodič, Serbia • E-Circle, United Kingdom • Stolovi za masažu, Serbia • ComtradeSHOP, Bosnia and Herzegovina • Metropoliten Glob Tours, Serbia • Cepu, Bulgaria • TDS Limited, Serbia • Cepu, Turkey • Moja kupovina, Serbia • Cepu, Greece • Fakultet za inženjerski menadžment, Serbia • Mcost, Slovenia • ADL, Serbia • TravelSim SI, Slovenia • Institut Callegari, Serbia • TravelSIM MK, Northern Macedonia • PMI Serbia - udruženje, Serbia • ADL, Spain • Ekspert, Serbia • SkyTel Group, SAD • IT Kursevi, Serbia • B2B Wellness, Serbia • Soprex, Serbia • Ogitive, Serbia • BS Computer, Serbia • Solers, Serbia • Bussines User, Serbia • Gazda Rajko, Serbia • Lemmark, Serbia • GT Trade, Serbia • Vucomm, Serbia • Breza Software Engineering, Serbia • Osetia, Serbia • Moje polje, Serbia • Odbojkaški klub Crnjanski, Serbia • Agrosava veleprodaja, Serbia • Cambridge Serbia - udruženje, Serbia • AS hibridi, Serbia • Klub A, Serbia • Raf Production, Serbia • Aevum, Serbia • Bolja zemlja, Serbia • Bomil Nekretnine, Serbia • Logoped Borča, Serbia • Pijace, Serbia • Logopedi, Serbia • and others...


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Send us email or simply call (Viber and WhatsApp message / call) after that we will contact you. 

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