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esenca team

Good and reliable team is a key to any business success. Experienced and motivated people in the right placesguarantee success in any business.  


Esenca was born in summer of 2001. Esenca’s employees have over 21 years of experience in design, development and deployment of complex IT systems and applications. Esenca’s team provides end to end service which also includes project management, consulting, support and training.


Esenca covers vast majority of all modern technologies and always stays up to date with new and upcoming trends. We help you in your decision making process with picking a right technology and right approach.


Esenca is a team-oriented company. We give our employees opportunity to expand their knowledge and apply their creativity. Team work allows each employee to actively participate, learn and evolve with each project.


Our goal is your satisfaction with our IT solutions. We strive to improve your business and positively affect your return of investment. In case you want to see our successfully completed project please read our successful case studies from our existing clients!


Call us and let’s talk! 


Drupal, React Native, Magento, Laravel, Vue.js, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript, FacebookAPP, Api, XML, HTML, CSS, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify


063 85 42 651

Send us email or simply call (Viber and WhatsApp message / call) after that we will contact you. 

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