Do you have special requirements for your technical project(s)? Thinking of going digital? You need online shopping tools? No project is too big or small for us! Esenca’s team of experts will help you find a best possible solution for your business.

Call us and let’s talk! We provide consulting and support services for:

First step is a well thought, designed and optimized web site! Easy navigation and administration optimized to your needs and for internet search engines using latest digital technology and programming laguages ideal for flexible expansion and modification. If you are in need for a specific, highly customized web application, look no further! We’ll perform analysis of your systems, build a project plan based on your requirements, deliver a full implementation and provide you with training and supporting documentation.

Technology: JAVA, PHP/MySQL, Javascript (Ajax), Html/CSS, XML
Clients: TDS Limited, CEPU

You need a specific type of an application? You need a full support for your existing system? No problem, we can do this for you! Assessment, analysis, scope, delivery, training and documentation will be provided with a support team of seasoned professionals ready to respond to your requests!

Technology: JAVA, PHP/MySQL, Javascript (Ajax), Html/CSS, XML
Clients: Tds LImited, Cekos

Mobile and smartphone application development? Easy and quick! We cover various platforms and operating systems. Shopping carts, search engines, customized calculators, games and conversion tools – check out our web sites for examples!

Technology: Android, iOS
Clients: Tds LImited, Velnes Klaster, Moja Kupovina

Selling online has never been easier! We use latest e-commerce suites and tools, which will give you freedom to build and expand your business and apply digital strategies based on your catalogue. ROI reporting, easy custom build of pages and shopping carts, various methods of payments, submission forms, CMS administration and registration forms.

Technology: Drupal, Magento, PHP/MySQL, Javascript (Ajax), Html/CSS, XML
Clients: Comtrade Shop, Cekos

You need a good-looking web site! Design is the key to a successful online business. We work with you on design features, logo types, banners, newsletters and anything else you come up with!

Technology: Fireworks, Photoshop, Html, CSS, Flash
Clients: ADL, CEPU,

Digital Marketing options: SEO marketing and optimization, pay per click, e-mail marketing, newsletter design, campaign development and design, social media campaign development and design.

Technology: SEO, Off page optimization, ON page optimizacion, Facebook aplikacije
Clients: ADL, Istittutti Callegari, eCampus

We want to provide clients worldwide with fast, reliable and inexpensive service, on-shore and off-shore. You ask how are we different from all other outsourcing companies out there. Our biggest competitive advantage is our price and quality of service. We can provide you with the best possible solution with the cost that will suit your needs and budget regardless of the complexity of service. Each member of Esenca's team of experts has over 10 years of IT experience, as well as exceptional English-language verbal and written skills for direct communication with clients.

Technology: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, PHP/MySQL, JAVA, .NET, Javascript (Ajax), Html/CSS, XML
Clients: Lacerta, CEPU, PricaGroup

In order for any employee to be comfortable with existing and new technology they need to know what they are doing.
We will give you a full training support in the latest programming languages and enable your employees to fully support your business. Call us for more information!

Technology: PHP/MySQL, JAVA, Android, Drupal, SEO
Clients: eCampus, Vuccom, Cekos